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    Tuesday, July 12

    Nothing (Or No One) to Blame But Me - Part 2

    Wow. I managed to keep a backlog of drafts and none of them were published for a span of five months.

    Just wow. How did I get so lazy with writing? Oh, let's count the ways, shall we?

    First: I'm afraid that I would not be able to communicate exactly what I wanted to say. It's really easy to have lots of things to write about my wonderful life, but I do not trust my decision-making skills on what to post.

    Two: There are a lot of times when I stare at my writing implement raring for my fingers to work their way into forming prose, but I just stare at it with immovable hands.

    Three: I'm finding it hard to connect my ideas. Writing for me is like a puzzle that I have to piece together. Thanks to the Internet, my mind has been turned into this choppy tsunami of use(-ful? -less?) information.

    I can give out many more reasons. In fact, I have tons of them stashed somewhere on my Google Notebook. But I don't think that rationalizing my absence will make me want to post more on my blog. I have to do it. I have to be a doer.

    So today I make a promise to myself to live the ideal life that I wanted and to write about it creatively.

    Wish me tons of luck.