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    Friday, September 28

    Lego's Animated History

    I personally thank Ole Kirk Christiansen for creating Lego and making my childhood a little bit sweeter.

    Sunday, July 24

    Mistakes Can Also Be Beautiful

    Out of the 29 ways cited, I like the sixteenth one the most. You'll never know when your design or writing mistakes might be seen as a beautiful thing to some.

    Monday, July 18

    Game of Thrones on Strings

    Like my itay, I've been hooked on this series when it debuted on HBO some months ago. I'm not sure if I have tweeted about the show as much as I want to, but what I do know is that I haven't read the books mainly because I've heard that the pacing was deadly slow. Since I was itching to know what will happen next when the series ended its first run, I've opted to read some synopsis of the published books by friends with the same book disorder.

    How lucky am I to have found a cover of Game of Thrones theme originally made by the German composer Ramin Djawadi?

    Now, excuse me while I find ways to make this as my ringtone.

    Tuesday, July 12

    Nothing (Or No One) to Blame But Me - Part 2

    Wow. I managed to keep a backlog of drafts and none of them were published for a span of five months.

    Just wow. How did I get so lazy with writing? Oh, let's count the ways, shall we?

    First: I'm afraid that I would not be able to communicate exactly what I wanted to say. It's really easy to have lots of things to write about my wonderful life, but I do not trust my decision-making skills on what to post.

    Two: There are a lot of times when I stare at my writing implement raring for my fingers to work their way into forming prose, but I just stare at it with immovable hands.

    Three: I'm finding it hard to connect my ideas. Writing for me is like a puzzle that I have to piece together. Thanks to the Internet, my mind has been turned into this choppy tsunami of use(-ful? -less?) information.

    I can give out many more reasons. In fact, I have tons of them stashed somewhere on my Google Notebook. But I don't think that rationalizing my absence will make me want to post more on my blog. I have to do it. I have to be a doer.

    So today I make a promise to myself to live the ideal life that I wanted and to write about it creatively.

    Wish me tons of luck.

    Sunday, January 2

    Lights and Reflection

    I just realised that Manila's streets are very dimly lit. Light pollution is relatively low here than in other countries.

    The lamp post made me realize that I should take a breather from this vacation and see the beauty of things.

    P.S. If I take a vacation from my vacation, is it like Inception? :)

    Saturday, January 1

    Morning Wood

    Visited my auntie at her new house on the new year and their street was pristine. The green scenery from our village is also a welcoming sight for the first day of the year and the filter from one of the apps from my Yui captured it albeit slightly.

    Happy 2011!

    The streets are filled with smoke as numerous sparklers surround our hands. The noise of honking cars and blowing trumpets drives away past family dramas and heartaches. The dancing lights in the sky leaves everyone in awe. The bountiful food are wolfed down like crazy.

    Yes, there's really nothing like welcoming the new year with my family here in Manila.

    Monday, November 22

    Mariah Covered. Literally.

    Went downtown two weeks ago to see if the local music store has the Mariah's second Christmas album and saw these instead.

    This is not vandalism if I may add. The store owners just wanted to cover up Mariah's "exposed" parts because it's something people here cannot tolerate. It's in their culture.